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    Join the K.I.N.D Day Tribe by volunteering on May 4! Simply give a baby in need, in your local area, clean diapers. Planning to take pictures? We will post them to our Facebook page!


    Got questions? We would love to hear from you! So, lets connect! Please fill out the form below.


    K.I.N.D (Kids in Need of Diapers) is a new holiday chosen by National Day Calendar and Days Of The Year. K.I.N.D Day will be observed every May 4. Observers of this new day can participate by purchasing clean, preferably eco-friendly diapers for a baby in need who is suffering from the discomfort and pain of wearing wet/soiled diapers too long.

    • K.I.N.D is made up of the Founder & Volunteers
    • K.I.N.D Day is observed Nationally & Internationally
    • K.I.N.D Day raises Awareness on the Suffering of Babies Who Stay in Wet/Soiled Diapers too Long


    We look forward to delivering global kindness and smiles to babies and their families who live in any of the major continents of the world on May 4! We invite you to become a K.I.N.D Volunteer whether you live in the United States or in another country! Make an impact! Sign up!


    Berries & Caterpillars (founded and made with love by Candace Marie Smith) is a local grassroots baby diaper project which sprouted from the international city of Orlando, Florida in 2013. Families from under-serve communities received diaper assistance from both the steps of the Downtown Orlando City Hall and locations throughout Downtown Orlando.

    At Berries & Caterpillars, we continue to keep with our commitment, mission and philosophy to provide social good- providing a subsidized diaper helpline open every Friday and continuing to offer free annual diaper events for families in need through Diapers 4 Good.


    Berries & Caterpillars is a mission driven diaper project for parents/care-givers living in urban/suburban sprawls to rural communities. This socially conscious project promotes sustainable living, ethical brands, and direct giving.

    It is our duty and desire, at Berries & Caterpillars, to connect diaper insecure and secure parents to diapers that are earth-friendly to baby's skin and the environment through K.I.N.D (Kids in Need of Diapers) Day, Berries & Caterpillars Diaper Helpline, and Diapers 4 Good.

    Social responsibility is the foundation of Berries & Caterpillars. Openness, fairness, and an accessibility to us is guaranteed to all our clients,


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